Does Alfresco Share need an iPhone interface?

Alfresco ist currently designing an iPhone client for their collaboration platform Share. Thus I get an iPod touch from Alfresco as price for winning the Alfresco Developer Challenge a year ago I’m very interested in this stuff.

Here are the wireframes of the user stories at slideshare.

But I’m not sure if this is a real must for Share…I’m not sure if the user NEED this client. Of course Alfresco will gain a lot of marketing momentum offering an “iPhone-Enterprise-Collaboration” app. Does Sharepoint have sth. like that 😉

BUT, from my point of view there are other 1st prio features enterprise customers really need:

  • supporting custom Types, Aspects and Metadata  (docLib & search)
  • group based site membership (& more permission stuff like, SiteCreatorGroup etc.)
  • combination of Share & MS Sharepoint protocol usage within MS Office
  • Support of Rules inside of Share

Most of these features are part of the Alfresco roadmap. Specially the support of custom types & aspects within Share is a real MUST.

I’m doing ECM-Projects since a while and I cannot remember a project where we used only basis types and metadata.

To sum up:
It’s cool that Alfresco is always developing new stuff, that’s why I love it. But from my point Share is lacking some features which should be done before going onwards with other new apps.

Alfrescian CMIS browser based on Ext GWT (GXT)

While developing opsoro last year I fall in love with ExtJS. Since then a few new things where developed around ExtJS, for example Ext GWT (GXT).
I took a look into GXT several weeks or months ago and decided to try this framework in my next little project…

Beside GXT I wanted also to dive into the “CMIS world” and the best way to do this is always “hands on”!

Thus I’m just getting a new job (more Alfresco 😉  I need to refresh my knowledge…). So I started 2 nights ago with my new project: Alfrescian CMIS browser!
It’s currently a little bit scrubby, but here is a first screenshot:


Some technical details:

  • I’m using the CMIS AtomPub-Binding
  • Folder tree & document grid using async GWT-RPC Services which are using Abdera libs to call the repo

Do you know opsoro?

opsoro is an alternative web client for Alfresco. Its goal was to provide an easier user interface with a richer user experience by leveraging the latest web technologies. Like Alfresco, opsoro is open source software released under the GPL.

opsoro started out as a Prototype and is still in an early state.  Nevertheless I encourage anyone who is familiar with alfresco to test opsoro client. Even if it is not production ready yet, it demonstrates the possibilities which lie in rich web applications and the Alfresco Web Script API

But, opsoro is more than a year ago. It is time for a new project! So stay tuned  😉