Alfresco Share eats documents

I just recognized thats Alfresco Share has some really bad behaviour handling documents with the same name:

  1. Upload a a new document to Share doclib, e.g. called test.doc
  2. Upload another test.doc document with other content to the same space/folder via Share
  3. What happened? The 2nd upload overwrites the first one, the content property has been replaced, the first test.doc content has gone…

Upps! Please don’t try this with your boss’s 200 page concept 😉

I followed this in Enterprise 3.0.1 & Ent. 3.1…

I’ll raise an issue when I recover my  JIRA credentials.

Role based configurations in Alfesco Share?

I’m currently writing a concept of a knowledge management portal based on Alfresco Share. The Alfresco guys are adding some missing features to Share in the next release(s), e.g. support of custom meta-data, Rules & Actions. But I’m missing a few other things, one of them I’d like to discuss in this post.

What about Role based configuration? I think it is quite often that you’d like to configurate, that for example a consumer doesn’t see some adminitrative components or Dashlets you’ve added to Share to support your use case.

I know that you can achieve this by custom coding (Or am I missing sth.?), but from my point of view this should be an configuration task.