internal twitter-like system in Alfresco Share?

I’m an active twitter user since march & and I’m currently working on a Share customization project (intranet knowledge portal).

Now, I’m wondering if it is a nice idea to add sth. like a internal twitter system to Share. Alfresco’s Activity Feed is a nice approach to track each activity, but in a system with more than hundred members of a site this feed gets very chattering. So, my basic idea:

  • reuse twitter syntax (@, DM, RT & #)
  • # –> automatically tag the message
  • twitter user-dashlet (like BeTwittered Google Gadget)
  • site-dashlet: last messages of site members
  • action link in DocLib, wiki etc. “recommed via twitter”:
    – opens dialog to write twitter message
    – autocompletion for user names typing @ or DM
    – automatically add shortened link to content
  • decide if each member follows all other site members or reuse twitter-like follow mechanism
  • tbc

So…what do you think about this?