Alfrescian World Tour

Puh, long time without updating my blog…Why? I’m currently doing a nice Alfresco Share customization project. I’ll post about this when we’re finished.

Topic of this post is a little bit different. My idea raised a year ago, but I realized that I won’t do it myself…idea?

here it is:

There are plenty of Alfresco partners worldwide & also a lot of interesting projects are going on. My motto was (& still is) learning by doing, hands on. So why not doing something I’m calling “Alfrescian World Tour”:
One year participating in Alfresco projects around the world, at least one in each continent! Joining for 1 or 2 month a project, learn a lot of new topics & then go to the next project. Thanks to twitter, blogs etc. it will be no problem to find interesting projects and perhaps Nancy Garrity (Alfresco Community Manager) is able to support this Tour somehow. After finishing the tour I wanted to write a book about it…

I think this will be a nice travel for a graduate taht wants to gain a lot of knowledge in Alfresco and ECM. I haven’t discussed this with my boss, but I think i can offer a 1-2 month project at westernacher in Germany.

So, Alfrescians: Is there anybody out there?