Alfresco Share 4.x feature wishlist

Linton Baddeley (UX Designer at Alfresco) asked (tweet)

What features would you like to see in the next version of #Alfresco Share

here is my wishlist:

  • Enhanced Wiki component: TOC generation, embed document previews, add documents as attachment
  • Enhanced datalist component ( versioning, comments as thread, upload&attach, XLS/PDF-Export/Import
  • datalist items assigned to a user or group should be shown in my task
  • Doclib: Link to Action, Export folder as zip, export selected documents as zip
  • doclib: optional grid view (configurable per site if standard or gridview should be used in doclib)
  • bidirectional Share calendar & MS Exchange integration 😉
  • also copy & link as drag&drop operations
  • Yammer integration: publish document to yammer (link/attachment)
  • configurable documentlist dashlet: documents per tag, category, +Aspect, +Type…or simply a cmis/fts query
  • search: support solr highlighting, synonyms & facets OTB (configurable via *config.xml)

Adding a synonym list to SOLR in Alfresco 4.0

If you missed it: Alfresco Community 4.0.a is out:
(and my category manager is part of the new feature list ;-))

One of my favorite new features is the new Apache Solr based Search Service. I’ve done an Alfresco-Solr integration project two years ago. I was very impressed by the power of Solr & mainly by the combination of Alfresco & Solr. Thus my first deeper look into Alfresco 4.0 was about to understand the new Solr based search service & how the “whole stuff” is working.

After some hours browsing the current svn HEAD & researching Alfresco’s tracking, model & query addons to solr I tried to tweak Alfresco’s schema.xml:

Task: Add basic support of synonyms


  1. Open alf_data/solr/workspace-SpacesStore/conf/schema.xml & add a new filter org.apache.solr.analysis.SynonymFilterFactory:
  2. Stop your
  3. Delete your Solr workspaceSpacesStore data dir: alf_data/solr/workspace
  4. Start your tomcat
  5. login to Alfresco Share a create a new txt file containing “television” and “GB”
  6. wait a few seconds (solr indexing is done async!) & execute search for “TV” –> you doc should be in the result set, because “TV” is a synonym for television (alf_data/solr/workspace-SpacesStore/conf/synonyms.txt)
  7. execute search for “gigabyte” –> you doc should be in the result set, because “gigabyte” is a synonym for “GB”

welcome to the new shiny Alfresco-SOLR world 😉

Ok…it’s quick hack because the synonyms will be used for every property/field, but it is a good starting point 🙂