AngularJS + CMIS 1.1 – a simple CMIS Repo browser

I was invited to do a talk at Alfresco’s Meet the Experts in Hamburg a weeks ago. As I had done a few things with AngularJS ago (e.g. the fme File Exchange Platform) I had decided to give a talk about building SPAs for Alfresco with AngularJS.

The slides of my talk are available here (sorry in german only).

I decided to implement a little app the day before the meetup to have a simple in-place to explain some of Angular’s features like routing, directives & also to show the strength of modern web developer tools like yeoman. As the app should be simple but also using an Alfresco repository as backend I decided to implement a simple Repository browser leveraging the CMIS 1.1 browser binding & Alfresco’s Demo Repo (


As mentioned above the demo app uses the the following libs/tools:

You can try the app here: (login is admin/admin as is used as repo).

The Code is available on github:

CMIS Browser using Angular Material

I’ve played around a little bit with angular-material ( & implemented another CMIS-Browser demo that supports Alfresco& Nuxeo.

Code is on github:

Demo is available here: (Credentials alfresco is admin:admin, nuxeo is Administrator:Administrator):