Alfresco Share 4.x feature wishlist

Linton Baddeley (UX Designer at Alfresco) asked (tweet)

What features would you like to see in the next version of #Alfresco Share

here is my wishlist:

  • Enhanced Wiki component: TOC generation, embed document previews, add documents as attachment
  • Enhanced datalist component ( versioning, comments as thread, upload&attach, XLS/PDF-Export/Import
  • datalist items assigned to a user or group should be shown in my task
  • Doclib: Link to Action, Export folder as zip, export selected documents as zip
  • doclib: optional grid view (configurable per site if standard or gridview should be used in doclib)
  • bidirectional Share calendar & MS Exchange integration 😉
  • also copy & link as drag&drop operations
  • Yammer integration: publish document to yammer (link/attachment)
  • configurable documentlist dashlet: documents per tag, category, +Aspect, +Type…or simply a cmis/fts query
  • search: support solr highlighting, synonyms & facets OTB (configurable via *config.xml)

7 thoughts on “Alfresco Share 4.x feature wishlist

  1. No new “features” until we get the ones we already have working correctly. Seriously!
    Too many “features” already (that don’t work).
    There are over 7200 issues in ALF – JIRA!

  2. well, not all issues (I don’t see 7200 unresolved…) are related to Share UI. But I agree that robustness goes over features.

  3. Would love to see your wishes in the next release. Especially: Grid view, Link to action, SOLR features

    Some additional ideas / wishes:
    – Move trashcan from Admin to User profile. Users want to restore their documents by themselves, as do Admins 😉
    – Support for multi-lingual documents in Share similiar to what we see in Explorer, including multi-lingual meta-data (something was done in WCM in this direction?)
    – User Interface language selection in User profile (!)
    – Consistent set of functionalities of TinyMCE in different modules (Wiki, Blog, Discussions, HTML content snippet,…)
    – TinyMCE: Extend “Insert document link” with possibiltity to upload documents in one step
    – TinyMCE: Replace “Image Gallery” with similar dialog as “Insert document link” including upload functionality
    – TinyMCE: Support of TinyMCE templates
    – OpenSocial container Dashlet to easily integrate third party gadgets in Dashboards (more and more Enterprise systems provide OpenSocial based gadgets)
    – Add a filter to the “myDocuments” Dashlet: “I’ve created”
    – Dynamically created trees based on document meta-data to complement the static folder tree

    I guess most of these things would be easy to implement but would further increase user acceptance and strengthen the Wiki module.

  4. Hi Jan,

    I’d like Datalist-items backed by bpm. 🙂

    Seriously: A few datalists we have today (issue, task, todo) pretty much look like the workflows you have there as well.

    If you have say – some kind of “todo”, you most definitely would like to track how it evolves. People (me included) just don’t get that all you have with these kinds of datalists is just a list of items convenient to browse and edit.

    Sure, the deeper you go down the issue rabbit whole – sooner or later what you want is a full blown issue tracking system.


  5. It would be very nice if we could extend the data lists without having to code everything by hand.

    A datalist workbench of some sort would let us add fields to a datalist. Fields could be defined as text, numeric, etc. Some fields could be restricted to specific values, while others could be freely editable. Sharepoint does something like this.

    The point of the workbench is that it would create the code in the background.


  6. Yub Louis, that would be cool. The whole FormConfig would have to be editable at runtime.
    cheers, jan

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