Alfresco Share eats documents

I just recognized thats Alfresco Share has some really bad behaviour handling documents with the same name:

  1. Upload a a new document to Share doclib, e.g. called test.doc
  2. Upload another test.doc document with other content to the same space/folder via Share
  3. What happened? The 2nd upload overwrites the first one, the content property has been replaced, the first test.doc content has gone…

Upps! Please don’t try this with your boss’s 200 page concept 😉

I followed this in Enterprise 3.0.1 & Ent. 3.1…

I’ll raise an issue when I recover my  JIRA credentials.

6 thoughts on “Alfresco Share eats documents

  1. yub, of course documents are normally versioned. but in this case the content of the current version gets simply overwritten.
    So, if my boss’s concept doesn’t have older versions version 1.0 is overwritten!
    you’ll find the original content in your content store until the purge job deletes this unreferenced content 🙂

  2. Hello Jan,

    sometimes it seems to me that Share was published to early in the Enterprise Edition.
    The concept is fine, but the implementation, as you show in your blog, has some critical errors and lacks of important features.

    Ok, the document library of Alfresco Share is great with the preview feature, but what about the features in the wiki, blog and forum? IMO, Share provides too less features out of the box for enterprise users.

    Enterprises have good alternatives instead. For example, they can buy the Confluence Wiki with the sharepoint connector and have a great base for collaboration.

    Confluence provides spaces, very nice plugins, blogs and good documents integration via sharepoint. Sharepoint provides the missing forum.

    In my eyes, today there are better solutions like Alfresco Share which works out of the box for many companies.


  3. Hi Jens,
    nice to hear from you!
    It depends if Share is the best collaboration platform. One of the values using Share is the Alfresco repository.
    It is scalable, flexible etc…
    So, if a user wants to integrate his collaboration solution with other systems like enterprise search (Solr for example) or likes to use some more specifiv workflows or archiving rules, then Alfresco is more powerful then anything else.
    I sumble over Liferay Social Office ( a few days ago. This stuff looks very interesting and is hopefully able to use Alfresco as repo via CMIS-WebScripts.
    Cheers, jan

  4. Hello Jan,

    I hope you are fine…
    Thanks for the tip Liferay Social Office. It looks interesting.

    In my eyes the point is that Share is not very usable out of the box. You can install it very easy, but there are too many features missing. For example, you can only write in the wiki, but you cannot export a pdf or doc.

    You are right- you can build a lot with Share and its good for us because we can develop custom applications for our customers. BUT I think, the customer will always be disappointed of the features Share provides out of the box.

    Some words to Confluence:
    you get the full source code of Confluence if you buy the enterprise licence and you can also add your plugins! For example, you can integrate Alfresco into Confluence as a content provider (attachments).

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