internal twitter-like system in Alfresco Share?

I’m an active twitter user since march & and I’m currently working on a Share customization project (intranet knowledge portal).

Now, I’m wondering if it is a nice idea to add sth. like a internal twitter system to Share. Alfresco’s Activity Feed is a nice approach to track each activity, but in a system with more than hundred members of a site this feed gets very chattering. So, my basic idea:

  • reuse twitter syntax (@, DM, RT & #)
  • # –> automatically tag the message
  • twitter user-dashlet (like BeTwittered Google Gadget)
  • site-dashlet: last messages of site members
  • action link in DocLib, wiki etc. “recommed via twitter”:
    – opens dialog to write twitter message
    – autocompletion for user names typing @ or DM
    – automatically add shortened link to content
  • decide if each member follows all other site members or reuse twitter-like follow mechanism
  • tbc

So…what do you think about this?

6 thoughts on “internal twitter-like system in Alfresco Share?

  1. Hi Jan,

    Optaros has done a part of your idea with their user status dashlet:

    They only display one message/status per user though. They planned to release the share components as open source but they don’t seem to be available yet.

    I am wondering if one could implement parts of the official twitter api as webscripts and use those as backend. Then you could switch the provider to the official twitter if needed:


  2. Our plans (and designs) anticipate filtering options on activities, so a user can tune what they see – usual issue of time & resource to implement 🙂

    A twitter-like component in Share would be great – especially if it can switch to Twitter as the provider behind the UI as suggested.


  3. filtering activities sounds nice.
    Implementing a twitter-dashlet in Share shouldn’t be a tricky task. But supporting twitter API internally seems to be more complex.

  4. Hey Jan,

    Came to check out your blog after seing your RT on Twitter. I know you’ve seen SambaJAM and we’ve managed to successfully implement filters on the activity feed. This can be found in a Dashlet on your Dashboard or under Profiles -> Activity and it’s really handy.

    We’ve created an internal like Twitter system built on top of the Discussion forums. At the moment it’s really basic, you can send messages and reply to them, that’s about it. However, we do plan, in the future, to extend this further providing functionality like @ or # to be used.


  5. Hi Ale,
    yub, I recognized the activity filter in SambaJAM. But I’d like to have this functionality in Share. I can’t install SambJAM in my local env, Im unable to customize it … 😉


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