Alfresco Share Category Manager

I took a look into current Alfresco HEAD a few days ago and recognized that a lot of new stuff is coming.

One thing I was still missing is a Category Management tool. Thus, I started to implement such a Category Manager a few hours ago.

That’s the current result:

  • I take the category tree component of the repo doclib
  • created a new admin console component
  • connected the new InsituEditor widget (Alfresco.util) with my category tree
  • wrote a new Repository-Webscript to save the changed category name (had a little fight with ALF-1788)

So, change a category name is working, next step is to implement add/delete Category.


Here is a screencast of the current result:

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8 thoughts on “Alfresco Share Category Manager

  1. Hi Romain,
    yub, I’ll contact Will Abson…
    But I’m currently using Alfresco.util.InsituEditor which is not part of Alfresco 3.3 & 3.4. Maybe i need to backport that.

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