Alfresco Share Category Manager – Finished

I’ve started to develop a Category Manager as Alfresco Share admin console plugin as few days ago:¬†

It’s now complete – edit, add & delete are implemented:

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I’ve still to clean up the code & do some testing with Alfresco 3.4 & 3.3. I’m expecting to backport some¬†Alfresco.widget.InsituEditor…

I’ll contribute the Category Manager once this “additional work” is done.

11 thoughts on “Alfresco Share Category Manager – Finished

  1. Very useful! Category management is one of the few things not yet covered by the Share client. Your add-on provides one less reason to use the old Explorer interface.


  2. Useful indeed – but only if this is not limited to the generalclassifiable categories as the Explorer view is.

    Three things I see as essential for the “more professional” use of categories are:

    1) usage of Forms API in combination with a little configuration (“classification aspect” to “category type” mapping) to allow more than just “name” maintenance during creation/editing
    2) ability to manage different category roots in the content store (I am thinking of site specific categories/classification options amongst other uses of context-based classification)
    3) ability to manage all classifications (i.e. not just management of the subtree below generalclassifiable)

    Actually – but this is just one of my dreams – I would like for the generalclassifiable aspect and classification to disappear entirely and be replaced with proper and specific classification aspects for languages, regions etc. This of course has nothing to do with your component…

    I look forward to the contribution – maybe I’ll find the time to contribute to the evolution of this component (in regards to the points above) myself afterwards.

    Regards, Axel

  3. This looks great and would be very useful. Have you released it yet? If not, do you know when you will?

  4. Hi,
    I provided the code to paul holmes higgins (Alfresco). He liked to add the code to current HEAD but realised that an Alfresco Engineer was implementing a similar module.
    I’m not sure if is already in current HEAD…

  5. Hi Jan, since I’m happy with Alfresco 3.4 I would like to use your plugin without to wait for new next releases. Is it downloadable?

    Best regards

  6. sry,
    no, it’s not compatible with 3.4 because there are some dependencies do post 3.4 js util code.

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  8. What exactly is the purpose of the categories and category manager? I don’t see how this can be tied to documents. I have some documents that I want to belong to multiple categories.

  9. if you add Aspect cm:generalclassifiable to you document it will get a new property called cm:categories. That’s a multiple value property of type d:category –> the categories your doc belongs to.
    1. Open Share & navigate to your doc. 2. Add Aspect cm:generalclassifiable via Add Aspect Action. 3. Open Edit Metadata dialog –> you should now have an additional category picker to select the category your document should be linked to.

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