a worldwide project swift launch codeCamp

I had a short chat with Jeff Potts & Bernard Werner (both Alfresco) regarding the Alfresco community a few days ago.

Besides some discussion especially regarding Alfresco’s community in D A CH,  I made the following proposal that I’d like to propagate here:

Currently Alfresco is developing the next “big” Alfresco version with code name swift – I bet it will be Alfresco 4.0. What I proposed to Jeff is to organize a worldwide – but local – Alfresco CodeCamp when 4.0 is launched. I mean a worldwide series of local Alfresco CodeCamps regarding new stuff in 4.0 (Solr, Social enhancements etc.) (nearly) simultaneous.

I guess that will be a big distributed event… & yes, of course John Newton should make an online Key Note 😉

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “a worldwide project swift launch codeCamp

  1. Hi Jan

    I think it makes good sense. There will be a lot of important changes coming via Swift that we are excited about and you guys should know about. Good idea!


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