Alfrescian CMIS browser based on Ext GWT (GXT)

While developing opsoro last year I fall in love with ExtJS. Since then a few new things where developed around ExtJS, for example Ext GWT (GXT).
I took a look into GXT several weeks or months ago and decided to try this framework in my next little project…

Beside GXT I wanted also to dive into the “CMIS world” and the best way to do this is always “hands on”!

Thus I’m just getting a new job (more Alfresco 😉  I need to refresh my knowledge…). So I started 2 nights ago with my new project: Alfrescian CMIS browser!
It’s currently a little bit scrubby, but here is a first screenshot:


Some technical details:

  • I’m using the CMIS AtomPub-Binding
  • Folder tree & document grid using async GWT-RPC Services which are using Abdera libs to call the repo