Does Alfresco Share need an iPhone interface?

Alfresco ist currently designing an iPhone client for their collaboration platform Share. Thus I get an iPod touch from Alfresco as price for winning the Alfresco Developer Challenge a year ago I’m very interested in this stuff.

Here are the wireframes of the user stories at slideshare.

But I’m not sure if this is a real must for Share…I’m not sure if the user NEED this client. Of course Alfresco will gain a lot of marketing momentum offering an “iPhone-Enterprise-Collaboration” app. Does Sharepoint have sth. like that 😉

BUT, from my point of view there are other 1st prio features enterprise customers really need:

  • supporting custom Types, Aspects and Metadata  (docLib & search)
  • group based site membership (& more permission stuff like, SiteCreatorGroup etc.)
  • combination of Share & MS Sharepoint protocol usage within MS Office
  • Support of Rules inside of Share

Most of these features are part of the Alfresco roadmap. Specially the support of custom types & aspects within Share is a real MUST.

I’m doing ECM-Projects since a while and I cannot remember a project where we used only basis types and metadata.

To sum up:
It’s cool that Alfresco is always developing new stuff, that’s why I love it. But from my point Share is lacking some features which should be done before going onwards with other new apps.